In a world where online visibility spells survival for businesses, social media has become an indispensable tool. But top platforms like Facebook and Instagram have become so saturated that it’s becoming increasingly difficult for companies to stand out amongst the crowd.

As a leading social media agency, we at Socialistics have years of experience helping businesses thrive in this challenging space. We’re excited to introduce you to our latest discovery and the new kid on the block: Lemon8.

This article aims to give you a comprehensive understanding of this new platform and how it can benefit your business. We will review why as marketers, we all should keep a close eye on Lemon8’s growth and development.

What is Lemon8?

Imagine if Instagram and Pinterest had a baby and crafted the perfect playground for lifestyle enthusiasts. That’s what Lemon8 aims to be. Launched originally in Japan back in 2020, this app is new to the Western scene but quickly gaining steam.

Lemon8 is a photo and video-sharing social media platform designed to cater to individuals’ specific interests. Instead of scrolling aimlessly through an endless feed of random posts like traditional platforms, Lemon8 offers users the ability to center their content around select topics, including:

● Fashion
● Beauty
● Food
● Wellness
● Travel
● Home
● Pets

This certainly makes it a more streamlined and personalized experience for its users. You are able to follow an account or follow trends and topics that interest you. It’s like having a tailor-made magazine right at your fingertips! But why is it named Lemon8? A play on the word “lemonade,” the idea is about how Lemon8 is here to add that fresh twist to the social media world. By extension, it can do the same for your social media strategy.

Who owns Lemon8?

Did you know that ByteDance, the same mastermind behind the globally successful social network TikTok, owns the Lemon8 app? This emerging app is indeed their latest venture into Western social media markets. ByteDance’s expansive reach and ingenious marketing strategies have played a significant role in introducing this new app to millions of US users on TikTok, enticing them to sign up and explore. In recent months, they’ve had a flurry of influencers promoting the app, leading to impressive results.

However, with grand success comes additional scrutiny. TikTok has been facing ongoing legal struggles that might cast a shadow on the Lemon8 app too. Government officials worldwide have voiced concerns about data privacy issues related to ByteDance’s operations. In the US, calls to ban all Chinese-owned software, including TikTok, have gained traction due to national security concerns. However, it’s still unclear how these legal battles will implicate ByteDance’s newer ventures like Lemon8.

Despite these challenges, one thing is for sure: ByteDance knows how to create successful social media platforms. It leverages its prime position and massive audience base across different apps to promote new products such as Lemon8 effectively.

Why marketers should keep an eye on it

It’s always exciting for us digital marketers when a new social media platform appears. Lemon8 has already shown potential in establishing itself as a powerful tool for digital marketing, and here’s why:


Even though Lemon8 is comparatively new on the scene, especially in Western countries, its popularity is undeniable. It quickly climbed its way up to #1 in the App Store under lifestyle apps. Can you imagine the potential reach? If ByteDance’s previous success with TikTok gives us any indication, then Lemon8 carries a promising future.

Remember how we all initially underestimated TikTok’s potential, only for it to explode in user growth globally? We must learn our lessons and realize that overlooking this newly-minted star could be a missed opportunity!


Lemon8 has another exciting feature that takes influence marketing up a notch! Influencers or users can tag vendors that appear in their posts. Imagine being a fashion brand, and your clothes get tagged by top influencers in their style posts, directly leading interested buyers right to your store.

Users can personalize their interactions by adding text labels. The text could represent products they love, topics they care about, or insights directly from their posts. This amplifies engagement levels while also creating organic marketing opportunities for various brands.

Polished content

Let’s face it; visual representation impacts consumers’ buying decisions significantly. While Instagram gave us ‘#IWokeUpLikeThis,’ Lemon8 is paving the way for more polished content where quality trumps quantity.

The focus here lies largely on presenting aesthetically pleasing content. If a brand has visually enticing products and services, it will get an ideal stage where consumers expect nothing less than beautifully curated feeds.

Interesting demographics

Perhaps one of the most intriguing features of the Lemon8 app is its core audience demographics. Predominantly targeting Gen-Z, Millennials, and Women interested in lifestyle sectors such as fashion or design provides an interesting field for companies dealing with these niches. Positioning a brand on a platform already brimming with the right target audience gives businesses an edge over competitors.

Messaging feature

Before diving headfirst into Lemon8, it’s essential to note that, unlike many of its competitors, this platform has no direct messaging feature. This means that while Lemon8 offers a bright new space to showcase a brand and attract an audience, it’s not the best platform for two-way interaction with followers just yet.

That said, don’t fret! The absence of a messaging feature doesn’t rule out the possibility of it coming to Lemon8 in the future and, with it, a whole lot of potential.

First mover’s advantage

Remember getting lost in the crowd on Instagram and Twitter? Not happening here! Being relatively fresh means, there aren’t many brands or marketers densely populating this platform yet. By embracing this intriguing new platform in its early stages, you are poised to have a distinct advantage over competitors who might not have caught onto Lemon8 yet. You can become one of the very first authoritative voices in your niche heard on this app.

Should you hire a social media agency for Lemon8?

Navigating new territories in social media might be an exciting journey, but it can also be quite tricky. That’s where a specialized social media agency comes to the rescue, helping you tap into the full potential of pioneering platforms like Lemon8.

In this regard, let’s discuss how partnering with a proficient social media agency could guide your brand to resonate with audiences on the Lemon8 app:

Content Curation

The world of Lemon8 revolves around polished content. A dedicated social media agency helps determine what kind of content aligns best with your brand image and audience’s preferences while adhering to Lemon8’s aesthetics-focused ethos.

Starting from setting the right tone down to managing what posts work better at specific times, our expertise lies in curating and planning content aptly designed for enhanced user engagement. We’re well-informed about the latest trends and craft strategies accordingly— providing your brand a competitive edge!

Community Management

While direct messaging remains absent on Lemon8, community engagement is crucial. Experienced agencies help manage this aspect by monitoring user interactions—likes, comments, and shares. We also monitor hashtag trends and conversations around specific topics or competitions to capitalize on the organic reach of Lemon8.

Another major aspect is understanding how to cross-promote content while staying true to the authenticity of Lemon8. If you already have a solid page established on a different platform, we can help you bring some of those users over to Lemon8.


Social media trends are constantly evolving. What’s popular today may not interest audiences tomorrow, especially on fast-paced platforms like Lemon8. Having experts who stay updated about these changes can help your content stay fresh while adapting quickly to any transformations on the platform or audience interests.

We also stay updated on all the latest news regarding legislation to ensure your content is compliant.

Analytics & Reporting

Finally, we can help businesses understand performance metrics. This is key for strategic planning. With the know-how of intricate jargon and measurement methods, an agency can provide detailed insights about how campaigns perform among targeted demographics. This insight allows you to make data-driven decisions confidently, ensuring growth.

Bottom Line

Truth be told, predicting the future of a new social media platform is no easy task. Even though the Lemon8 app is just starting to blossom in Western markets, its roots are firmly planted in solid ground. While it shows promise and holds immense potential for brands targeting niche markets, it warrants the same meticulous attention to data and analytics as any other well-established social platform.

However new or unpredictable, investing time in a growing platform like Lemon8 offers unique opportunities for advertisers looking to experiment, differentiate their brand from competitors, and connect with new audiences.

While we’re not saying go all-in on your Lemon8 strategy just yet, it’s certainly worth exploring if you have the time and resources. And sifting through that exploration phase with an experienced partner like a Socialistics could be the cherry on top!

If all this talk about value delivery through aesthetically appealing story telling has got your heart racing, then wait no more! Contact us today, and let us help you turn your Lemon8 ambitions into reality.