Socialers prides itself on providing a one-stop-shop for social media professionals and marketers.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to land your next gig or want to partner with a social media agency to promote your business. Socialers offers job boards, directories, and other resources to help you connect with various social media community members.

We’re excited to announce that we’ve taken things a step further with our new Slack group!

Our Slack Community with Socialers

Socialers was started by Socialistics very own Jason Yormark as a passion project to build a community that exclusively served social media professionals. With 15+ years of social media experience and much of that around career development, it was a natural fit.

“My career led me to social media back in 2007 and I haven’t looked back since. I have always been passionate about the art & science of delivering real business results through social media as well as mentoring and helping social media professionals navigate their careers. Socialers is the culmination of all that work and passion to help others learn, grow and fill their social media needs.” – JASON YORMARK

Some of the features of Socialers include:

  • Slack provides a convenient place for social media pros to connect.
  • Social media and gig job board 
  • Social media agency directory
  • Social media blog featuring educational articles, reviews, etc.
  • The Socialers Podcast: Stories of Social Media Pros – coming soon!
  • Exclusive deals and freebies on social media tools, education, and resources – coming soon

Who Can Participate in the Slack Community?

The Socialers Slack Group was created by and for social media professionals. It’s a place for those with careers in social media — or those who want to start or expand their careers — to connect, share job and gig opportunities, discuss best practices, and chat with people who share their interests and passions.

To keep the group focused on its primary purpose — connecting those who have or want to have jobs in social media — we limit the channel to those with social media experience. If you lack experience but are interested in pursuing a career, you’re also welcome to join.

How Do I Sign Up?

The process of joining the Socialers Slack Group is pretty straightforward.

We ask that you provide some basic information so we can get to know you better, including the following:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Website URL (your personal website or your agency’s website)
  • Job title (social media manager, social media intern, etc.
  • Employment status
  • Number of years of social media experience
  • Areas of social media expertise
  • Location
  • LinkedIn profile URL

It only takes a few minutes to fill out our application, but it helps us ensure the group is productive and beneficial to all members!

What Are the Rules?

You must also agree to the community guidelines to be part of our Slack community.

We have a few rules to keep the group organized and help members find the information they need:

  • Show respect for others; Discrimination of any kind is not tolerated, and you will be removed if you’re reported for discriminatory behavior
  • Ask permission in a public channel before DMing someone; This helps to prevent harassment
  • Don’t use @here or @channel mentions
  • Use appropriate, relevant channels (and do not post the same content on multiple channels)
  • Limit self-promotion to the #promotion channel
  • Use threads to make conversations easy to follow
  • Ask better questions to get better answers
  • Avoid backlink and guest post spamming
  • Don’t solicit group members inside the Slack group or via email

We love the community we’ve built and want it to remain supportive and valuable to everyone who joins. These rules help us achieve that goal.

Join the Community Today!

Are you ready to expand your network of social media experts? Socialers’ Slack community is the perfect place to go to learn about companies hiring in social media, find resources to improve your skills and everything in between.

Join the group today or check out our social media job board to start looking for listings from companies advertising SMM jobs. If you have any lingering questions or concerns about the Slack group or our SMM services, feel free to contact us for more information.

Last, but not least, if you’ve been searching for a reason to hire a social media agency to help you expand your online presence and see better results, look no further than Socialistics. We assist with organic social media, paid social media, influencer marketing, and more. To learn more or get started, contact us today.