The Goal

The goal of our client’s social media campaign was to reach more users through page likes and engagement and drive traffic to the website. We would then funnel users down with the goal of getting them to click “Apply Today” on a job application.

The Strategy

With the goals set out, we began exploring our target audiences. For this strategy, it was extremely important to us that we find the right audience for our client. With Facebook’s Special Ad Categories, we had to file under the Employment section since we were running ads about their open positions at various hospitals. This limited us from choosing a wide variety of options when creating custom audiences. At the beginning of our campaign and with Covid-19 in mind, we really needed to refine our audience even more than we normally would have. Now more than ever, people are more critical of what they want to see on their timeline.

With our Broad and Lookalike audiences, we were able to capture valuable users towards our Page Likes and Engagement campaigns. Once we began to funnel down into reaching higher quality leads, it was important for us to find those only who were interested in what we were offering. Our best audience was Website Retargeting for our Conversions campaign. This is where we saw the most success with this full funnel strategy. Narrowing down on our audience gave us the opportunity to show ads to only those who needed the extra push to click apply.

In terms of the ads that we ran – first, we ran a page like advert on Facebook to increase the followers on the page. Second, we created engaging adverts on Facebook and Instagram to targeting those who were interested in health & wellness or medicine as well as those interested in careers or jobs. We then gave them another advert for our website traffic campaign which drove us to our most precise audience of Website Retargeting. 

The Results 

Page Likes

For the Page Likes Campaign, it was important for us to educate our users on what our client has to offer without pushing them into engaging in the content yet. This is a quiet introduction to show users that there is a page they can go to and learn more. In total, we reached 18,481 users and had 42,596 impressions. Our most successful audience for this campaign was a broad interest targeting audience. We achieved a total of 720 page likes at a rate of $0.74.


When it came to our Engagement Campaign, we utilized the content that our team was creating to create interactions with our users. Our best audience for this campaign was a lookalike and we generated 7,533 post engagements, reached 30,070 users and had 79,850 impressions. 


Website Traffic

As for our Website Traffic campaign, we ran a link click campaign in which we achieved 3,279 link clicks at a cost of just $0.11 per click. In total, we reached 48,462 users and had 94,251 impressions. Our most successful audience was a lookalike and we achieved a total of 3,279 link clicks at the rate of $0.11.


By the end of the campaign, we received 568 clicks on the website from just the ‘Apply Now’ buttons. In total, we reached 5,714 users, and had 43,826 impressions. Our best audience was our website retargeting and we achieved 461 clicks at a cost of $0.72.

With our paid media driving such effective and desirable results, we have been able to grow the page, engage with our audiences, drive high quality users to the website and convert those users into prospective applications. Our efforts have proven to be successful and we will continue to optimize these campaigns to get even better results.