We know what you’re thinking. How could we possibly know how to master social media marketing during the first pandemic of its kind in this digital era?

We’re immersing ourselves in social media and helping all of our clients navigate this difficult time. We won’t claim to know all the social media dos and don’ts during this … unprecedented time … but we have listed below a few ways to stay on top of your game. 

Acknowledge it

If you haven’t already, let your social media followers know that your business is more than aware of the times that we are in. Mention how this will change business as usual and how this will change business as usual. If COVID-19 isn’t looking like it’s going to change the way your business runs, say so. Your customers need to know how this will effect your deliverables, hours, shipping, timelines, etc. 

If you are struggling to figure out how best to do this, have a look below: 

A simple graphic like the one above can be put together on Canva or Photoshop. Add in a caption explaining the changes or linking to your website with more information.

If your business has already announced how COVID-19 will effect your usual runnings, update your community regularly. 

Check In

It’s no secret that everything happening surrounding COVID-19 is terrifying. Everyone is having to face the fear of the unknown and it is unsettling. Have you thought to check in with your followers? 

Ask them how they are doing, provide some resources for local mental health organizations or provide a distraction or comic relief. Part of what is ‘unprecindented’ about this time is the opportunity that exists for businesses large and small. The world is in tune and watching, particularly online, to how businesses are responding to this crisis.

How are you treating your employees? How are you handling delays? Customer service?

Now is the time to highlight what your company is doing right to solidify the positive outlook your customers have of your values.

Change It Up  

It’s safe to say, it’s not business as usual. Even if not much has changed in terms of your operation, your customers are not business as usual. They’re likely stuck inside, perhaps short of income and on edge. 

Are you running ads on social media or Google? Be sure to acknowledge the current crisis in your active ads. Your customers are highly likely to swipe by if it looks like your ads are not current. And in the times we’re in, it’s easy to tell!

While you’re at it, check in on your current offers or specials. While many people are out of work, some may be hesitant to make purchases simple because they don’t know what tomorrow could bring.

If possible, offer a special offer or discount relating specifically to the current crisis. Perhaps free shipping, extended returns, or a unique service guarantee. 

If you need any help with the above, we’re here. We know what the social landscape and we’re experts in your business on social. If you take nothing else away, remember this: don’t ignore COVID-19. In these uncertain times, be certain about what your business stands for and how you’ll be there for your customers here and now.