If you’ve come this far you probably don’t need to be sold on the merits of social media as a viable marketing strategy. Regardless of your personal opinion of it, there’s no denying 3 billion + users and growing. While the platforms my change, the concept isn’t going anywhere. The real question is, should you hire internally or trust your social media efforts to a social media agency? Here are 7 reasons we think you should consider the latter.

  1. Time/money/expertise – The majority of businesses we come across can all agree on one thing…they do not have the time, money, or expertise to worry about their social media efforts; often all three. It’s not a question of whether they need help, it’s how to source that help. It goes without saying that hiring a social media agency is going to save your business time, money and if you choose wisely, bring the expertise you need for it to be successful.
  2. Breadth AND depth – Small and medium sized businesses that hire internally to manage their social media typically hand off the responsibility to one junior staffer. No matter how talented that person is, they can never have the sheer breadth and depth that an agency can provide. At best, most people bring 2-3 “superpowers to the table…tactical expertise they are great at. With an agency you’re getting an army of strategists and tacticians at your disposal. Not to mention all of the tools and resources at their disposal.
  3. It’s less expensive – Believe it or not, it’s more expensive to hire 1 employee than it is to hire a social media agency. Don’t believe it? Take a quick look at a breakdown we’ve prepared that shows the average costs of both scenarios. The bottom line is, employees are more expensive, and while for many larger enterprise sized businesses it makes sense, for everyone else, the agency model just works.
  4. It’s more scalable – As a business it can be very difficult to deal with employees coming and going, vacation, illness, etc. There are a variety of factors that can slow down your social media efforts. With an agency you aren’t slowed down…ever. No matter what you have an extended marketing team at your disposal that can ebb and flow to all of your needs no matter the situation.
  5. More expertise – When you hire a social media agency, you’re often getting an incredible amount of combined experience that can’t be duplicated by an internal hire. Content writers, analysts, strategists, designers…you name it. The bottom line is you are getting the right people on the right tasks instead of lumping it all on one person’s plate who often times isn’t the right person for many of those things.
  6. Less risky – When you put all your eggs in one basket….well, you know the saying. The #1 way a business can maximize its marketing efforts is to specialize. That means not trusting everything to one person, or agency. One could argue that there’s more synergy to be had by an all in one solution, but what do you think is more likely…that your social media efforts will reach their full potential with an agency that treats it as a tactic, or one that lives or breathes it every day?
  7. Measurable results – At the end of the day, if your social media efforts aren’t measurably impacting your business in a way that is understood and meaningful, then what’s the point? This last point is our “sneaky” way of selling Socialistics. It’s what we pride ourselves on, and it’s why we believe there’s no better social media agency solution for your small or medium sized business.

At Socialistics we feel we’ve built the right mix of strategy, resources, process and affordability that businesses love. We believe in building trust, passion and likability with our clients that leads to long term relationships. We shy away from long term contracts to give our clients the freedom of mind they need because every business deserves to have choices when it comes to their marketing. Regardless of who you ultimately partner with, take the right step in finding a social media agency that just works.