These days, consumers want to align with brands with a social conscience. Faceless companies who only care about numbers and the bottom line don’t appeal to the masses. None of this is to say profits don’t matter (unless you’re doing non-profit marketing). You need to make money to thrive as a business. Still, the current landscape demands that organizations have a heart, pulse, and personality. Consumers want to shop with authentic, empathetic, and compassionate brands. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an umbrella term for the high-level facets detailed above.

Given we’re heading into October, it’s good to know some concurrent awareness initiatives. You can then attach your brand to one of these causes and convey your commitment to CSR through your social media campaigns. One such October campaign is Breast Awareness Month. Below, we’ll learn how to integrate Corporate Social Responsibility into your social media marketing seamlessly:

Defining Corporate Social Responsibility:

Non-profit marketing doesn’t have a monopoly on bettering the world–as Corporate Social Responsibility proves.

CSR is a business model that directs company resources towards broader societal benefits while aligning with corporate objectives.

A CSR initiative is indeed an undertaking, demanding that adhering companies apply a “triple bottom line” approach. Along with profits, CSR-focused companies must prioritize the betterment of their employees/general population’s lives and the planet. These are also called environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors.

Companies passionate about CSR often receive B-Corporation certification, but CSR can be practiced without this distinction.

Typically, CSR practices involve the following elements:

  • Employing sustainability practices in manufacturing/production
  • Fair compensation for staff
  • Social justice advocation
  • Product innovation revolving around social and environmental solutions
  • Carbon footprint reduction
  • Donating money to good causes

Harvard Business School speaks to these four types of CSR: Environmental, Philanthropic, Ethical, and Economic.

Show Your Dedication To Corporate Social Responsibility

Showing tends to be far more powerful than just telling. As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

Social media campaigns allow you to show your audience how authentic your commitment is to your CSR initiatives.

Consider starting a company-wide program. Since it’s October, why not create a Breast Cancer Awareness Month event or initiative?

An employee-run fashion show is an event that lends itself to social media campaigns (with videos on TikTok and high-quality photos on Instagram). Your team members can hit the runway adorned in all pink, feather boas, wild hats, and massive sunglasses. The emcee can offer resources and facts about breast cancer throughout the night.

A company-wide run or walk is ideal for raising money for breast cancer. These outings generate buzz and get people focused on your brand’s commitment to more significant causes.

Once more, such an event can be seamlessly incorporated into social media posts through promotion and with photos of the run/walk after it happens.

While actions speak louder than words, you’ve still got to talk the talk to let your audience know what you’re doing. So, attach well-written captions to photos and videos proclaiming all you’ve accomplished. This will benefit your brand and inspire your social media audience to do their part and get involved.

Communicate The Tangible Results Of Your Corporate Social Responsibility Campaigns

Corporate Social Responsibility must be transparent. Any vagueness will hamper your overall authenticity.

So, be specific when you announce what you’ve accomplished on social media posts. Here’s what we mean: “We’re so proud of everyone for our great work this month!” doesn’t communicate anything concrete.

Alternatively, posting, “We’re excited to announce we raised $10,000 from our Breast Cancer Awareness run/walk on October 22nd,” gives your audience a clearer idea of the difference your brand has made.

Be forthcoming with the details–it will reflect positively on your company!

Embrace Your Role As A Community Leader

Leading by example is crucial to your image as a company committed to CSR campaigns like Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Ideally, this leadership will enable you to influence your target audience so they’re committed to your company’s causes.

Knowledge is power as you aim to make this level of impact. You want to share research and facts about breast cancer and its effects. For instance, you can tell people on your social media channels how around 240,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer yearly in the US.

You can also interview guest speakers or spotlight community members in social posts.

Choose Your Causes Wisely

You shouldn’t choose Breast Cancer Awareness Month as your October CSR initiative to tick a box.

Yes, it’s a worthy and meaningful cause–but that doesn’t mean it’s the one you should focus on. We suggest researching monthly national awareness campaigns and finding what speaks to you (and your other organizational leaders).

Case in point, did you know that October is an awareness month for the following causes (on top of breast cancer awareness):

  • National Down Syndrome
  • ADHD
  • Physical Therapy
  • Pregnancy And Infant Loss
  • Spina Bifida

And more…

Authenticity is crucial. Aligning with a cause because you’re trying to “keep up with the Joneses” won’t yield the results and engagement you seek. Find something you can sink your teeth into and commit wholeheartedly.

Partner With A Social Media Agency That Cares

Are you seeking a social media agency to help you with organic social posts and paid media advertising?

If Corporate Social Responsibility is vital to your brand, align with a social media agency that cares like you. That way, your shared vision will be authentic. Your empathy and compassion will shine bright in your campaigns because your agency will be equally committed to the same causes. On the above note, Socialistics Cares. More to the point, we care a lot. We care so much that we highlight one of our clients or team member’s cause of choice each month in a blog or social media post.

Our commitment to CSR isn’t the only reason you should partner with us. The quality of our work and our ability to generate real results for our clients with expertly crafted social media campaigns are another reason we’d be perfect for your business.