Seattle Collaborative Law Center is a collaborative divorce law center that aims to model, provide and teach a peacemaking approach to conflict resolution that promotes the values, needs, and interests of the parties, their families, and the professionals with whom they work.

“I was immediately impressed with their social media content and posts. I’ve only had to make a few tweaks. I also appreciated that Jason and his team educated themselves on the brand I’m trying to portray in the world. They made sure to ask questions to modify their understanding. I was impressed that they took the time to do that. I believe they have picked up a passion and willingness to be educated on this different legal process. I’m glad to have had them as part of my team.”

-Kevin Scudder, Seattle Collaborative Law Center


Seattle Collaborative Law Center aims to promote awareness of the center and the services that they provide. This is a unique client in that the target audience and ultimately a valuable lead are users that are married, but are seeking a divorce.

Educating these individuals on the benefits of collaborative divorce and then funneling them down to take action and contact SCLC is the main goal for this client. 


Keeping these goals in mind, we employed an ad strategy that effectively educated a narrowly targeted audience on the benefits of collaborative divorce. We did this by implementing a Brand Awareness, Traffic and Lead Generation campaign. In the early months of ad implementation, we allocated a large portion of the ad budget towards the Brand Awareness and Traffic campaign. In terms of audiences, we targeted users who were aged 30-60, are listed on Facebook as ‘Married’ and are interested in ‘Divorce’. We found this audience to be very successful. We have recently allocated more budget to the Lead Generation campaign using a website retargeting audience. This means that users from our ‘Married’ audience that visited the website will be hit with another ad and asked to enter their information into a lead form.


Brand Awareness 

For our Brand Awareness campaign, we utilized video ads as these are inexpensive to serve on Facebook and Instagram. This ensured that we kept the CPM (cost per 1,000 people reached) well below our KPI of $3.00. Overall, we have achieved a reach of 18,556 at a CPM of $1.34. 


For our traffic campaign, we utilized static images which appear to have been more successful within this objective than video ads. We  achieved 50 link clicks through to the  website for a cost of $1.73 each. We began to reallocate  budget from this campaign towards brand awareness around end of May which is why there is a decrease in the graph. 


Within a relatively short period of time and a very modest monthly budget, we were able to get Seattle Collaborative Law Center on the front page of search results for competitive terms such as “collaborative law” and collaborative divorce” to capture potential leads from over 2,000/queries a month for both terms.

Lead Generation

We’ve just officially launched a specific lead generation campaign, however since beginning our coordinated efforts, Seattle Collaborative Law Center is already receiving 3-4 leads from per week and we anticipate that to continue to grow as we further develop their brand on social.

If you own or work at a law firm, reach out to us today to see how we can do the same for you.