Social Media Marketing Tips





Ava has 3+ years of experience in paid social media and has worked with clients in and throughout Indonesia, Norway, Australia, The United States, and beyond.  Her goal is to truly assist each client by connecting with not only their personal mission but also bring people to their platform who resonate with it.


We love getting to know you!  So, in return we want you to get to know us!  Take a moment to meet our very own Ava Leach.  Peek into her lifestyle, absorb her constructive social media marketing tips and suggestions.  You will get an inside take on how to incorporate effective graphics, video and content on your digital platforms to grow your brand and reach your target audience.


What is your role at Socialistics? 

“Here at Socialistics, I’m an account manager.  I also do graphic design for my clients and some others on the team.”

What is your favorite thing about working at Socialistics? 

“I love our workflow between team members.  Even though we’re a remote agency we still value teamwork and can collaborate on projects as a whole.  The culture at work is also very positive!  No matter your position, there’s still an open-door policy.  Whether it be Jason to Joanna or whomever!  I’m never hesitant to go to my boss or one of my coworkers for anything.”

What’s important for clients to know about social media graphics?

“I would say that more is not always better.  Most often than not, clients want to just clutter a screen with as much information as possible or question how many times they can put their logo on an image.  That’s not always best.  Having a focal point in a graphic is better than having a ton of stuff cluttering up the eye.  People don’t like that.  Also, avoid making your social media posts very long.  You only really have people’s attention for a few seconds, so you have to make it count!  If your content is cluttered and hard to understand, then that’s somewhat of an issue.”

What types of graphics do you feel work best on social media?

“You definitely want something creative.  For example, rather than just taking a regular image with a plain logo on it, tweaking that logo to go slightly behind or on top of the image.  Play with your viewer’s eye and create that interest.  Make them look at your graphic a little longer and ask what is actually going on here?”

What strategy do you think is most effective when it comes to social media marketing?

“I have found a few things that work best.  When it comes to “organic” methods, not necessarily “paid” methods, posting videos is huge.  One tip is when posting in-feed videos, do so as a “reel” instead.  Especially if your video contains only background music and no talking. This allows Instagram to flag and sort of pick up that music then send that video as a suggestion in the feeds of people who also like that music type.  There’s also a greater chance that your video is going to show up on more people’s feeds if you combine it with hashtags.  I’m a big hashtag believer and think they’re great for growth.  I use these with many of my clients because you can reach so many people without having to pay a dime, especially now that you can follow hashtags!  For example, if I like motorcycles, I can follow #motorcycles now on Instagram.  So, if I’m a custom painter, builder or whatever it may be, I can now use #motorcycles to expand my business and get in front of more viewers.  On the flip side, people who like motorcycles are going to see my stuff without me even having to pay for advertisement.  When they search, lookup, or follow #motorcycles, in turn, the two will be able to connect. This is the power of the Hashtag!”  Read up on more ways hashtags can help grow your brand here

As for marketing through video content, is there an ideal length you want to keep your videos at to make the most impact? 

“Tik Tok has really proven the point that people will not stick around longer than a minute or so.  When someone is scrolling through dozens of brands and accounts, seconds matter and minutes are too long.   If it’s something that isn’t necessarily giving you information with audio but is more similar to a GIF, I would recommend keeping them around 10-15 seconds.  But if your video content has something you’re really explaining, keep it to a minute.”

What’s one day that stands out to you as one of your favorite days? 

“This is a hard one!  Is it too generic to say a holiday like Christmas?  So, I absolutely love Christmas, I’m super close to my family so it’s great to just have everyone gather together in one place.  I think that is pretty special.”

Do you have any Christmas traditions that you enjoy? 

“Yes!  This is such a “Texas thing”, but we use to all go on a hayride every single year.  We’d get a trailer, buy hay bales and literally go Christmas caroling through the neighborhood.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“I’m not a huge TV watcher believe it or not!  I like to read, and I really enjoy live music and concerts.  I’m in a great spot for that scene in Texas so anytime I can get out and go to a concert (or whatever it may be) I like to do that.”

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

“Physically, I don’t see myself still located in Texas.  I’m hoping to be traveling the world.  Italy and Spain are on my bucket list.  And of course, doing this while still working for Socialistics but perhaps in a graphic design managerial role.”