The leaves are rustling, the air is crisp, and the sweet, leafy smells are ever-present. Yes–it must be autumn. Let us all rejoice. Fall is a special time of the year. It’s not frigid like the winter, and the overripe dog days of August are replaced by a welcome but muted coolness that puts a smile on everyone’s faces. Autumn connects us, makes us feel whole, and fills everyone with cheer–like a primer before the pending December holidays. There is something intrinsically relatable and appealing about the autumn. In fact, the energy of fall is so potent that leaning into its characteristics on social media to showcase your seasonal offerings can drive results for your brand that significantly boost your bottom line.

Below, we’ll delve into how to craft successful fall social media campaigns and how you can incorporate thematically relevant visuals, color palettes, and hashtags to illicit brand-based buzz.

How Social Media Can Showcase Your Seasonal Offerings

Start With Your Profile

A core component of social media marketing is customizing your profile pages to fit the seasons. In doing so, you’re showing your audience that you’re paying attention and dialing into what’s happening around you.

More to the point, seasonally customized profile pages convey that you’re focused on communicating with your target audience in a manner relevant to their lives.

Your profile is often your title page. It’s akin to a brick-and-mortar storefront and a chance to make an impression with meaningful visuals incorporating seasonally focused palettes, aesthetics, and images.

Use your profile page to promote a fall-adjacent product or service that might jive with an upcoming holiday (e.g., Thanksgiving and Halloween).

Ideally, your brand can combine a profile background featuring these highlighted seasonal products with organic social posts and paid media ads.

For example, a clothing store could promote autumn jackets, or a grocery store could promote pumpkin spice in these images, along with any associated seasonal special.

Harness The Hashtag

Hashtag usage is something of a sweet science.

You don’t want to bloat your social media posts with too many irrelevant hashtags. That will turn readers off. Conversely, a strategically implemented hashtag can help expand your reach to a shockingly large degree.

To the above point, one source states that using more than 11 hashtags on an Instagram post can get you around 80% more interactions than without. That sounds like #Winning to us!

That said, impactful, resonant hashtags typically don’t emerge out of thin air. They often only work if they’re trending and people are searching for them.

You can form your fall-season hashtag by searching for them. Find the ones being used that relate most to your business. Theoretically, something like #PumpkinSpice would work if you’re a cafe or a boutique bakery. You can even pair that (somewhat) generic hashtag with something more creative (e.g., #PumpkinSpiceParadice) to see if it gains traction.

Remember that your hashtag should also revolve around your target customer’s lifestyle.

Note that your seasonal or holiday-inspired hashtag can be tailored to your business or brand identity.

In the above instance, you’ll draw first people in with the broader, seasonally-focused hashtag.

Then, adding something like #BrandNameHalloweenSavings could draw further attention to your seasonal specials. If that starts trending, you could be off to the races.

Hold And Promote A Sale On Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend sales give you a leg-up on the winter. Clothing stores can promote their sweaters and bulky winter jackets. Shoe stores can focus on boots. It’s also an excellent time to push soon-to-be out-of-stock products. Consider publishing posts for specials on Thanksgiving-themed products/services.

Some brands will announce a presale for a product you’re on the verge of launching on their social media channels.

Bolster Your Autumn-Themed Organic Social And Paid Media Ads with Visuals

Whether you’re making paid media ads or organic social posts on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc., ensure the aesthetics and color palette mesh with the seasons.

Incorporate foliage, leaves, and woody textures. Utilize colors like orange, yellow, red, and brown. Where relevant, warm drinks (e.g., pumpkin spice lattes and apple cider) will help evoke the intimate, welcoming vibes of the autumn.

Sunsets, rain, and umbrellas are strongly associated with the fall. Don’t forget cloves, cinnamon sticks, and other pumpkin spices. Apples and the fall are also uniquely synergistic.

Lastly, books and a warm, hearty atmosphere will give off the inviting energy your audience craves.

Creating, Curating, And Publishing Fall-Related Content

Product promotion should only take up a portion of your fall social campaigns. You’ll also want to create, curate, and publish non-sales content your audience can engage with. Consider the following post-types:

  1. The autumn is about heading to your favorite cafe or the nearest fireplace and curling up with a good book. Share a picture of what you’re reading–ask your audience to respond with what they’re reading. Ideally, your reading material will be linked to your industry, keeping things on-brand.
  2. Ask poll questions. For example, “Yay or nay to #Pumpkinspicelattes?” “Is fall your favorite season?” or “Are you a sweater or jacket person?” (The last question would be perfect for a clothing company to place some of their products subtly). 
  3. Do a contest or giveaway with a Halloween or Thanksgiving theme. E.g., #HalloweenHorrorFestSweepstakes 
  4. Publish “How To” blogs and vlogs relevant to the fall and your brand (e.g., a home supplies business can discuss hacks to clean gutters quicker). Promote these blogs (likely published on your eCommerce site) or vlogs (often posted on YouTube) across all branded social media channels.

Want To Get Real Results With Your Fall Social Campaigns?

The above fall marketing tips will give you a leg up in seasonal marketing strategy and execution. Why stop there, though?

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