We’re always looking to help marketing pros navigate their careers. But can you believe that up until now there really hasn’t been a true marketing jobs only job board out there? There’s a few “pretenders”, mostly job aggregation sites, but nothing that really provides a real marketing pro community. Thus, MarketerGig.com was brought into the world. The web’s only true job board focused on only marketing jobs.

If you’re looking for a marketing job, or simply want to be in the know when killer opportunities get put out there, you should definitely check out MarketerGig.com today and join the community!

So what are some of the features?

Marketing Job Board

marketing jobs

At its core, MarketerGig.com is a marketing job board. The site focuses on only showcasing marketing jobs and that’s it. The hope is that over time, it becomes the go to resource for all things marketing jobs, and the first place marketing pros go to find their next gig.

Marketing Profiles

In addition to the marketing job board, MarketerGig.com offers marketing pros the ability to create an online marketing profile. These profiles are only accessible to companies that list on the site. This is a great opportunity to ensure you’re always in consideration for great marketing jobs…even if you’re not in the market. You never know when a great opportunity will drop, and you can’t plan for these sorts of things. Filling out a profile is free, and a great way to passively search for new roles without having to do a thing.

Marketing Conference Directory

marketing conferences

In addition to the job platform, MarketerGig.com also offers a robust marketing conference directory highlighting some of the best marketing conferences in the US to attend. You can search by date or state to easily find a conference to check out and attend.

Marketing Agency Directory

marketing agencies

In addition to the marketing conference directory, MarketerGig.com also has a marketing agency directory. With over 1,000 agencies listed, it’s incredibly easy to find an agency in any part of the US. Whether you’re looking to hire, or just reach out directly for new opportunities, it’s a great agency resource.

Marketing Career Blog

Lastly, but just as important is the inclusion of an active marketing career blog focused on giving marketing pros great content and tips on a variety of marketing career related topics.