Everhome Health Care is a home health care agency that supports their community by providing access to compassionate care from highly qualified nurses. Although their ad budget was relatively minimal, we saw incredible results from our social media campaigns.


The goal of this social media campaign was to increase reach to users in the community, grow the Facebook page likes, and increase quality traffic to the website. Increasing quality traffic to the website was important, because that meant we had to target the ads to the adult children of community seniors who would need home care.


With the goals in mind, we set out to create an audience strategy that would be able to accomplish the above goals effectively. For this strategy, it was important that we nailed down the targeting. It is more likely that the adult children of community seniors would be the ones making decisions about home care. This is why we created an ‘Adult Children’ targeted audience. This included users on Facebook who are 35-50 in the area that has previously searched ‘Home Care’. In terms of the ads that we ran – first, we ran a page like advert on Facebook to increase the following on the page. We split tested the audiences with this campaign and used: Broad, Seniors, and Adult Children. Second, we created a reach advert on Facebook and Instagram in order to introduce users to the services EverHome has to offer. Finally, we created a website traffic ad and again delivered to split tested audiences like above, specifically focusing on the ‘Adult Children’ audience. 


Brand Awareness

When running ads for a brand that is not well-known within a community, it is important to run a brand awareness or reach campaign to educate users on your offering before giving a call to action. This is why we ran a brand awareness campaign with video ads. In total, we reached 35,592 users and had 97,527 impressions. We delivered the ads to all three audiences listed above and found Broad and Adult Children to be the most successful.

Page Likes

From January through to March, we increased the page likes by 155 to a total of 371 Facebook page likes. The most successful audience was the ‘Adult Children’ audience which achieved a cost per page like of just $1.69. The other audiences that we split tested were also successful in increasing page likes and achieved costs per page like of $2.21 and $1.97.

Website Traffic

In order to increase the quality traffic on the EverHome website, it was important that we split tested the audiences and monitored their performance consistently. Overall, between the three audiences, we achieved 199 link clicks and an average cost per link click of just $0.65, which is $0.35 below our KPI. The best performing audience in this category was Broad, followed by Seniors and finally Adult Children. This is a pretty surprising result given how well the Adult Children audience performed within the other campaigns. This is why it is important to split test audiences and monitor the results regularly to ensure you are reaching the appropriate audience at a low cost per result.

With our paid media driving such effective and desirable results, we have been able to grow the page, engage our audiences and increase quality traffic to the website. We saw great success with our specialized targeting and have tweaked and narrowed the demographics and interests of users who are most likely to interact with home health care ads.