One of our proudest moments as an agency was winning Trupanion over and getting to launch and manage their B2B social media efforts. Trupanion is one of the largest pet insurance companies in North America. They provide consumers with a streamlined and pain-free insurance service that remove the need to file claims. Trupanion’s B2B sector is aimed at veterinarians and provides a quick and easy way for vet practice owners to implement insurance claim software.


The goals for Trupanion Veterinary Hospital Community on social media were simple. Trupanion wanted to build a community of engaged veterinarians and veterinary staff, arm them with useful resources for their practice, and ultimately increase sign-ups of their unique software. More specifically, the client wanted to increase the number of downloads for their Guide to More Insured Pets.


With the goals in mind, we set out to create a content and paid strategy to accomplish the above effectively and efficiently. We ran a page like advert on the Facebook to increase the following on the page. We utilized a specifically targeted audience of users on Facebook who are in the veterinary profession. In addition to posting page content five times per week on both Facebook and LinkedIn, we ran website traffic ads with the goal of getting users to download the above guide. For these ads, we split tested audiences that included a lookalike audience, engaged users, practice owners, veterinarians, and veterinary assistants.


Page Likes

Since September, we have increased the page likes by 3,119 to a total of 4,512. The steep climb from July to October 2019 is indicative of when the Facebook page like adverts were active. The plateau can be seen beginning around November is when the paid activity ceased. This speaks volumes about the value of paid activity for the growth of their Facebook page.   

Website Traffic

In order to increase the downloads of the Guide to More Insured Pets, we ran a traffic campaign linking to the landing page to download. We ran five static ads with several copy variations. Our KPI was $1.31 per link click, however, we achieved well below at an average of $0.80 per link click. Our best performing audience achieved a cost per link click of just $0.63. In total, we garnered 3,544 link clicks leading users to the landing page to download the guide. 

With our paid media driving such effective and desirable results, we have been able to grow the page, engage our audiences and increase downloads and website traffic. Our social media efforts have been successful and continue to show great growth for both the Facebook and LinkedIn pages as well as the company as a whole.