The Arsonist is a film marketing company that helps build audiences and followers for independent films to enhance and facilitate distribution. The Arsonist is a part of The Ranch Film Studios which is located in the heart of New Orleans and has over 22,000 square feet of stage and production office space. 


The Arsonist is a film marketing company that sourced Socialistics to manage the social media advertising for their client’s films. The True Don Quixote, a 2018 film, was launched onto several different streaming platforms including: Apple TV, Tubi, Vudu, and Google Play. We were responsible for driving traffic to the landing page containing links to these platforms. Ultimately, the goal of this campaign was to increase movie rentals.


For this ad campaign, we were responsible for increasing reach and traffic to the website. As such, we ran a Reach campaign and a Landing Page View campaign for a total of 74 days. 

For the Reach campaign, we reached 1.07 million users across Facebook and Instagram at an average CPM of $1.31.

For the Landing Page View campaign, we achieved 44,405 landing page views at an average cost per landing page view of just $0.10. 


Our content strategy had three main areas that needed to be focused on, promotional content to drive traffic to download the movie, behind the scenes content to increase excitement around the films, and press surrounding the films. With all three of the areas just mentioned our goal was to create and implement a strategy using eye-catching visuals that would drive users to download the films on popular streaming platforms. After many conversations with our client, we were able to create a mix of still images, short videos, and animated posts that met their branding standards, and the aesthetic they were looking for.  Over the two months of working on the campaigns for both of these films we saw an incredible amount of traffic to the individual landing pages as well as an increase in engagement and audience growth on the film’s social media channels.