If you’re on the socials (and we are), you see it everywhere! Continuing from our podcast discussion last week, we’re talking about: Influencers! We’ll break down getting the best bang for your buck (in our humble opinion) with influencer marketing.

Know Your Audience

Who you choose to market your products or services depends greatly on who you want to buy your products or services! Knowing who you’re targeting will help lead you to the right influencer. And influencers are not one size fits all! The authenticity of the influencer and quality of their content will get you the best bang for your buck.

How To Select Your Influencer

The best influencer is someone who holds your target market in their audience, has a varied feed without too much concentration on ads, connects with their audience regularly, and creates high-quality content with high engagement. Your social media agency should be able to facilitate this connection with pairing tools and good old-fashioned research.

Know Your End Game

In order to have success, you’ll need to know what you’re ultimately trying to accomplish. Do you need a bigger following? Are you trying to generate more sales, or drive more traffic to your website? Make sure your goals are crystal clear so that your influencer can implement a strategy that fulfills those objectives.

Nurture Your Relationships

A spontaneous influencer campaign will not reap the benefits that a long-lasting relationship can. Like all relationships, this will take time, effort, and energy. But also like all worthwhile relationships, the effort you put in will be rewarding. An influencer who can team up with you for the long haul will have a better connection with their audience. Trust, respect, a genuine connection… all benefits of long-term relationships!

How To Pay For Content

In some circumstances, the best bang for your buck can come from trade deals. You provide a product or service to them in exchange for them marketing your item. This can have tremendous value!

In other circumstances, you may pay the influencer based on the engagements they receive, clicks they produce, or even a flat fee per post they use on their feed. This is where knowing your audience and identifying your end game really comes into play. You’ll know the best route, based on who you’re trying to reach and what you’d like them to do once you reach them.

To Sum Things Up

A successful influencer marketing partnership will take a little bit more time and a little bit more effort as you fine-tune your relationship and your marketing goals. However, when done correctly, you can generate your highest ROI with influencers; truly, the best bang for your buck!

If you’re ready to dive into influencer marketing, give Socialistics a chance to make the perfect match!