Trendsetter? Yes, You Are. Check Out These Five Social Media Trends That Are Here To Stay. 

It doesn’t take a team of rocket scientists to show off the shift in how businesses use social media to promote their products and services. As social media marketing grows by the day, you have the ability to access 3.8 billion people around the globe with a simple click on the “Share” button. If you’re looking to have a social presence that stands out from the crowd – we have the tips for you.

Live-Streaming Will Continue To Be The Top Dog

We live in a digital world, and this is no exception. Post-pandemic life is a new way of living. Users want the convenience of staying home and having your services at their fingertips. We are part of a generation that expects virtual learning, customer service readily available, behind-the-screen courses & fitness classes – you name it. We have seen “live” shopping events, virtual volunteering, and our favorite, live streaming a face to the brand! Best part? This low-cost opportunity is a way to grow your platform and your brand.

Social Listening + Inclusivity

A no-brainer, right? With such a large population online following a challenging year – brands will be expected to fulfill the critical needs of addressing hot topics that match their audiences’ values, tone, and attitudes. Authenticity & Relatability are key components in social listening. UGC (user-generated content) will have its time to shine as brands will use these pieces more and more to connect to their audience.

Social Commerce = The New Shopping Mall

With the ever-changing developments of social media, you’ve probably noticed the convenience of shopping directly through each platform. This isn’t a coincidence. Businesses have amped up the shopping experience for the audience. It’s as simple as a scroll, click, buy – no need to leave the app.

Shrinking Attention Spans – Adult Edition

More time at home means more time aimlessly scrolling. If your content isn’t quick, eye-catching, and informative all at a 2-second glance, your brand is old news. Digestible graphics = successful graphics.

You Guessed It, Videos & Stories

Video content will continue to lead the algorithm. Topping that? Stories are on the rise (and not slowing down). Businesses will need to utilize stories in content format to reach a larger audience. Statistics show video stories have the highest viewing rate, and lowest “tap through” rate of all content on social media. So what are we saying? Stay on top of social media trends and you’re guaranteed to build a stronger brand presence for the future. Need a hand? You know who to call…