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Below, we’ll provide Halloween marketing tips. Read on as we offer insights into developing engaging holiday social media marketing campaigns that utilize spooky stories, costume contests, themed giveaways, and more.

Mixing #ThrowbackThursdays With Cherished Halloween Memories

90% of survey respondents said they often think about the past. Almost half claimed they reminisce frequently, while those who enjoy ads appealing to nostalgia have completed purchases because of the technique.

Halloween and nostalgia go hand in hand.

This time of year hearkens adults back to childhood. Thus, mixing Halloween social campaigns with the #ThrowbackThursday social media trend is bound to foster some meaningful engagement.

Turn it into a contest and ask your audience to send in costumes of Halloween’s past.

Post the photos on your social media channels, and your followers can vote for the winner. Prizes can range from free products to gift cards (or even something more big ticket if you can afford it).

Get the ball rolling by adding relevant hashtags (e.g., #ThrowbackThursday and #HalloweenThrowbackCostumes) and tag people of influence to catalyze engagement.

Empower Your Audience To Generate Halloween Marketing Content

Efficiency is often the name of the game when you run a business. Nothing says efficient like getting your audience to flex their creative muscles on your brand’s behalf.

For instance, you can engage your customers by asking them to share their most creative costume ideas while incorporating your brand or services. Then, publish the most creative images on your social channels.

Or, you can tap into the story-telling synonymous with Halloween, tasking your audience to tell six-word, brand-influenced scary stories. You can then publish those stories on your channels of choice.

Don’t forget to add Halloween-themed emojis and hashtags to the related posts!

Ensure Your Organic And Paid Social Media Campaigns for Halloween Are Spooky In Spirit

Product or service promotion in your Halloween social campaigns should be personalized and customized based on the holiday.

For instance, an apparel or clothing company can curate a Halloween-inspired collection. They can pair these collections with “spooky” product descriptions that tell spine-tingling stories.

Not all products can be transformed into something Halloween-centric; try to add little nuances that speak to the theme. One example is a cafe or eatery crafting spooky desserts (e.g., a cake with icing-drawn illustrations of ghosts).

Gain Visibility By Partaking In A Trick-Or-Treating Event

Halloween is a time of year with events galore. Everybody’s looking for a reason to partake in the festivities and get their spook on!

Build your brand’s visibility by entering a trick-or-treating event. Events are often sent out via social media. Make an event that involves local businesses handing out candy, or join one. You can send invitations and promote such events on your social pages. On top of sending invites, share links and add your branded message to posts about the event.

Parents will appreciate your business’s willingness to put smiles on their children’s faces, building brand equity and goodwill.

(Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Halloween Marketing With A Themed Giveaway

We’ve discussed contests already–but how about just a tried-and-true giveaway? We’re talking about something where everyone must only respond with a Halloween-themed hashtag or tag a friend in your comments and be eligible for a reward. There are no bells and whistles or skill-testing questions–just the luck of the draw.

Some items to include in a Halloween giveaway are:

  • Candy-filled goody bags
  • Spookily designed stress balls
  • Pumpkin or apple lip balm
  • Mason jars filled with jam
  • Scented candles
  • Miniature lanterns

These giveaways create buzz surrounding your brand and get your business’s name in the conversation.

Team Up With Other Brands To Generate Spookerific Content

You stand to benefit tremendously by creating content with other brands your products/services align with seamlessly. You’ll share a similar target market, expanding your reach to a broader, relevant, and likely lucrative audience.

Here are some essential steps for successful and impactful Halloween-themed branded collaborations:

  • Outline your collaboration objectives in a creative brief.
  • Pound the proverbial pavement and knock on metaphorical doors. Make the rounds and speak with other brands about partnering for this shared social media marketing project.
  • Ensure these brands mesh well with your image and intended client base.
  • Once you’ve recruited your collaborators, brainstorm ideas that tap into Halloween’s spooky spirit.
  • Establish a defined schedule for the Halloween marketing content distribution. From there, it’s time to execute and reap the rewards of your hard work!

It can be daunting to figure out what companies you should collaborate with. There must be synergy and harmony between each business and the people you serve. Check out the 16 best brand collabs of all time, as detailed by AdvertisingWeek, to give you a good idea of the type of alignment you should seek.

Creating Social Media Campaigns for Halloween That Generate Real Results Doesn’t Have To Be Scary

There’s no spookier notion than dedicating time, effort, and resources to a Halloween marketing campaign on your social media channels that amounts to nothing.

You’ll vastly increase your chances of producing a Halloween marketing campaign that converts by working alongside an award-winning social media agency like Socialistics.

Our work has proven to impact our clients’ social media marketing substantially. We offer a wide array of services focused on fostering meaningful engagement with your audiences, going beyond surface-level clicks to widen your profit margins.

This Halloween will only be spooky for your industry rivals when you align with Socialistics, as you gain a frighteningly massive leg up over the competition.