Not your average paper company, featuring Green Bay Converting! In just four short months GBC went from being our newest client to one of our most successful. Serving the paper converting industry since 1999, GBC prides itself on its ability to serve its customers and their exponential growth both in the world of manufacturing & internally. What we’ve learned? Two things, their social media results have been outstanding, and there certainly won’t be a toilet paper shortage on Green Bay Converting’s watch! 

The Goal

Green Bay Converting initially began with one goal in mind: Hiring. Ultimately, they wanted to establish a social presence and brand awareness as well but wanted to be sure their staffing needs were fulfilled. It’s no secret the last few months have been tough on businesses who have the desire to hire. One may think that with COVID-19 bringing unemployment rates to an all-time high, hiring would be a simple task. Unfortunately, that was not the case. GBC turned to Socialistics to create an online presence where we could target a group of like-minded, hard-working, qualified workers who were simply, looking for work at one of the fastest-growing manufacturers in the Green Bay Area.

The Strategy

With GBC’s goals in mind, our team set out to develop a personalized strategy. In order to create an effective hiring campaign we broke down the ad budget into four categories; Brand Awareness, Conversions, Engagement, and Website Traffic. These four subcategories and the addition of a one-of-a-kind content strategy proved the best possible outcome: success. The content speaks for itself. With bold colors, subtle branding, and high-quality graphics paired with copy that had a tone unlike any of our brands, the content gained immediate attention as we had hoped. Our content focus remained heavily based on hiring, however, we used different specs GBC had to offer to create brand awareness, including sustainable manufacturing, mission and values, and company assets. Our link click campaign utilized the best performing content in the engagement campaign with the objective of increasing traffic to the career landing page.   


“I have already heard positive feedback on our social media efforts so far, and I have also seen a slight increase in applicants on our website and noticed more said they were applying because of Facebook.” Alicia Fricke (One week into strategy implementation)

The Results

Brand Awareness: From our official launch date (5/15/21) until the end of May (5/31/21) we achieved 25,615 users reached at cost per reach of $3.90. Although this may seem like a high number to industry standards, we were extremely pleased with these results. Some factors to consider are the small targeted area and the Facebook special ad category for equal employment that were in place. 


Engagement: We achieved 1,791 post engagements at an average cost per engagement of just $0.07. KPI average is $0.15, cutting our spending in half! In just 16 days of ad spending, we are thrilled with these results. 


Website Traffic: In order to increase traffic to the website, we ran a link click campaign. We achieved 308 landing page views at a cost per link click of just $0.49. We also got 51 “add to carts” without optimizing. Meaning our link clicks were valuable visitors.



Conversations: With a total ad spend of $500 per month, and the above results shown for just 15 days, the total results achieved from all campaign subcategories was 65 website clicks (career tab). The CPR is $8.00. 


With our paid media driving such effective and desirable results in an extremely short time period, we have been able to see the page grow, engage our audiences, and increase website traffic – therefore gain GBC a large influx of applicants. Our organic content has shown great success over the course of the last four months with both engagement and reach. Our efforts have proven to be successful and we will continue to ensure a low cost per result and increase brand awareness and website traffic.