Entrepreneurs around the world are leveraging social media because that is where most of their target clients spend their time. For that reason, B2B brands are now using Instagram for business because it allows them to build a following while expanding their operations. Part of the drivers of success in the case of B2B brands that use Instagram is the ability to capture attention.

Visual content has a way of capturing the eye and the mind in a way that may not be possible through words alone. Instagram focuses on targeting your audience through photos and videos. The social platform has millions of users, and the numbers are still growing. The implication, in this case, is that Instagram is an ideal marketing tool for brands that are focusing on increasing revenue and growing their client base.

As such, B2B brands can benefit by investing in Instagram in the following ways;

a) It Increases Site Traffic

The fact that Instagram has high levels of engagement implies that it is an ideal option for entrepreneurs who want to drive traffic to their business website. To increase site traffic through Instagram, send your followers to your home page or product page using the link in your bio.

b) Establishes Trust with Your Audience

Engaging your followers on Instagram allows you to build trust over time. In turn, you can share casual details about your firm’s operations with your audience, such as a glimpse of day-to-day life at your premises. Gaining the trust of your audience adds a personal touch to your public image on Instagram and promotes transparency as well.

If you want to start building trust on Instagram, you can consider sending a DM to thank prospective clients that like your photo.

Here are some Instagram marketing strategies that B2B entrepreneurs should consider implementing.

1. Develop Instagram-Specific Goals and Strategies

Before promoting your brand on Instagram, if you are into B2B operations, you need to define what you want to achieve through this platform from the onset. B2B brands can indeed benefit from Instagram for business, but posting videos and images there every other time without a sense of purpose will not guarantee success.

So, whether you are focusing on driving leads, getting phone calls, or building awareness through Instagram, the end goal is what dictates the marketing approach you should adopt. After that, you can tailor your Instagram posts in line with the strategy you have in place for your B2B operations.

2. Create Your B2B Instagram Profile

There are all sorts of profiles on Instagram, including personal ones, and differentiation, in this case, is a priority. If you want to promote your B2B brand on Instagram, you should create a business profile for this specific objective. Having a B2B Instagram profile implies that followers can access your contacts and get in touch with you directly.

Also, a B2B Instagram profile allows you to gain insight into the impressions and reach of your posts through Instagram analytics. As a result, details on how your posts are performing on Instagram will help you make adjustments where necessary so you can realize a better outcome from this investment.

b2b instagram
London, UK – July 30, 2018: The buttons of the photo app Instagram, surrounded by WhatsApp, Facebook, Messages and other apps on the screen of an iPhone.

3. Optimize Your Profile and Posts for Instagram Search

It is possible to use popular SEO techniques on Instagram posts. That is possible, thanks to the in-platform search function that serves as the Google version of this social media option. Since users can find your content in the native app on Instagram, optimizing your profile and content for search is not an option. You can optimize your Instagram page for B2B marketing and search by;

  • Using secondary keywords in your image captions to capture individuals who express interest in what is similar to what you are offering.
  • Adding your target keyword in your bio, @username, and your display name.
  • Avoiding black hat SEO techniques. The reason is that Instagram shadowbans users that spam other accounts, those who buy followers, and those that engage in shady activities.
  • Treating the hashtags in your bio as keywords. By doing so, your B2B brand stands a higher chance of appearing at the top of search results.

Although the primary function of SEO applies to websites, you can also use SEO tricks and best practices when promoting your B2B brand on Instagram. Currently, Instagram is becoming the new Google as the number of users who click the “Explore” button daily continues to surge. Instagram search option opens a unique discovery-related opportunity for B2B brands.

4. Focus on Targeting The Top of The Funnel

Building a clear social media sales funnel for top-of-funnel traffic is advisable. The reason is that B2B marketers can leverage Instagram better when they drive their audience through the sales funnel. You can target top of the funnel traffic for a brand, product, and even your sales team members or consultants on Instagram. You also need to note that any B2B brand trying to get direct sales from Instagram may experience various challenges.

That is because Instagram users are there to browse memes and photos and not to buy products or services. Instead of pitching directly on Instagram, B2B brands should prioritize the sales funnel. You can achieve that by using a lead magnet that addresses the pain points of your audience even as you introduce them to your brand and solution.

Also, consider sharing fun visuals, helpful tips, and good wishes on Instagram. The idea, in this case, is giving more than you ask for by ensuring that most of your posts have little to do with what you offer. Once you gain the trust of your audience on Instagram, only then can you consider adding something like “Grab a demo” or “Try us out” on your posts.

5. Consider Using Ads to Move Followers Through The Funnel

After getting your followers into the top of your funnel, you can move them deeper through Instagram Ads. Below is some insight into planning out a well-structured Instagram Ad.

  • Post daily through your Instagram feed and ensure the content you post is visually engaging.
  • Promote your B2B brand to both a cold interest-based audience and an email custom-lookalike audience using Facebook Ads.
  • Promote your lead magnet material to all Instagram users who engage with your first campaign after setting up a TOFU 2 promotion.
  • Use lead ads and ensure you split test your creative.
  • Establish further rapport with your leads by setting up an autoresponder sequence.
  • Ensure your content is available on Instagram regularly by setting up a retargeting reach campaign.


Instagram is a reliable marketing tool for B2B brands that know how to leverage this resource. Adopting the strategies above can help you achieve the most from your Instagram campaigns. If you need more information on B2B tips that work, contact us today!