One of our most recent clients, Jim’s Pool Supply, has also been one of our most successful. Jim’s Pool Supply, based in Lockport, New York, has over twenty years of experience in the pool supply business. They enjoy helping their customers stay informed and keeping their pools easier to maintain. We began with Jim’s at the beginning of this month and the results have been outstanding. 


Jim’s Pool Supply initially set out with the goal of increasing traffic to their website. Ultimately, they would like an increase in their sales but wanted to start with increasing engagement and link clicks to the website. As their showroom is closed due to COVID-19, we had to take this local business and create a successful online presence on social media. 


With the goals set out, we began delving into the strategy creation. In order to increase engagement, we ran an engagement campaign alongside a rockstar content strategy. We produced custom content that was eye-catching and highlighted the unique selling points of Jim’s Pool Supply. From there, we implemented an engagement campaign targeting locals of Lockport who were interested in pools. Another goal of Jim’s was to increase traffic to the website, so alongside a separate link click campaign, we added buttons to every engagement post that directed users to the website. Our link click campaign utilized the best performing content in the engagement campaign with the objective of increasing traffic to the website.

“We have been so busy! The response we have gotten from the social media campaigns you’ve run is tremendous! Your social media efforts are doing so well we have nothing left to sell!!”

-Andrea, Jim’s Pool Supply



Since the beginning of this month, we have achieved 3,296 post engagements at an average cost per engagement of just $0.02. In addition to this, because of the button additions, we also achieved 73 link clicks at a cost per link click of $0.87. In total, we reached 6,597 users and spent just $64.00.

Website Traffic

In order to increase traffic to the website, we ran a link click campaign. We achieved 472 link clicks at a cost per link click of just $0.57. In total, we reached 16,032 users and spent $270.00.  

With our paid media driving such effective and desirable results, we have been able to see the page grow, engage our audiences and increase website traffic. Our efforts have proven to be successful and we will continue to ensure a low cost per result and increased website traffic.