Social media is about to outdo itself again. Specifically, we’ve got advanced technologies in machine learning and big data set to elevate social media marketing to new heights. In 2020, consumers can look forward to a bevy of engaging ads with unmatched personalization.

If you’re a business owner  who has yet to hop on the social media bandwagon, now’s the perfect time to do so. With direct and personalized social media ads,  you’ll be able to strengthen brand awareness among consumers and gather more consumer data to improve your processes. Choosing the right social media platform depends on the nature of your business. The good news is that there are plenty of options to get your personalized message across.

1) LinkedIn Dynamic Ads – The B2B Choice

Thought leadership had remained highly influential throughout 2019and LinkedIn might be the best place to capture the attention of decision-makers in 2020. LinkedIn marketing sets itself apart from the rest of the social media platforms through targeting the B2B market. About 80% of B2B businesses on social media are conducted on LinkedIn.

All you’ll need is a LinkedIn account and verified billing details to gain access to its marketing feature. A built-in campaign manager makes it extremely easy-to-use, allowing you to blast personalized messages to industrial leaders the moment that they’re online. You may have seen the feature in action when receiving those random messages in your LinkedIn inbox from a users marked with a sponsored sign.

LinkedIn Dynamic ads work by tapping on the LinkedIn profile of your target audience.This creates a personalized message that factors data such as the photo, job role, employment history, groups followed, and much more. Thomas Metcalfe, Senior Lead Generation Executive of InTouch Networkshares, “the reason why I prefer LinkedIn over other paid social channels is the insights it provides — not just the extent of the insights, but the way it’s viewed. I can analyze that data and find out what converts best for us because of the interface.”

LinkedIn Dynamic Ads and Marketing provides an advantage via::

  • Managing B2B marketing with a highly intuitive campaign manager.
  • Strengthening your brand story and company reputation through seamless integration with your LinkedIn profile.
  • Locating your target crowd. Unlike other social media platforms, users use LinkedIn as an opportunity for professional growth and opportunities.
  • Taking advantage of LinkedIn Groups and aligning yourself with users with similar interests.

2) Instagram Explore – The New Kid on the Block

Instagram is the latest player in the world of personalized social media ads. Instagram explore is a newly added page that provides comprehensive curation of content according to the browsing history of users (people followed, items liked, comments made, etc). This provides new opportunities for businesses to promote their products and services through the popular app. According to Morgan Stanley analysts, personalized advertising on Instagram’s new feed might be extremely lucrative, which might reap $1 billion in revenue for Facebook.

The potential of Instagram Explore:

  • Easily integrated with existing campaigns. Simply head over to Facebook’s automated Instagram campaign manager and select the Explore extension option.
  • Experts from eMarketer estimate a minute of decline in average time spent by users on Facebook from 38 to 37 minutes. On the other hand, the average time spent on Instagram is expected to rise from 27 to 28 minutes. These changes are expected to occur during 2020.

3) Facebook Ads Revamped- Still the Biggest Market

Despite facing the threats of reduced user duration, Facebook is undeniably a leader in online marketing. With an active user base of 2.41 billion strong/ month, Facebook is still a giant among social media platforms. .Facebook recently announced that it was going to improve its approach toward personalized ads.

Known as the Dynamic Ad Formats and Creative solution, here are some features that businesses can look forward to:

  • Ads will be displayed according to the format of choice, depending on user history. (carousel vs collection)
  • Carousel displays come with catalog details (i.e. discount, sale, free shipping, etc), which are visible according to user preference.
  • Dynamic Video function automatically generates videos according to user preference. Uploaders may manually select a video or image as cover media for format.

Regardless of your existing business strategy, now’s the time to tap onto the unlimited potential of personalized social media ads. If you’re undecided, try a cross-platform strategy to increase your outreach.