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Content Marketing is a commitment, not a campaign

– Jon Buscall, Owner at Jontus Media.

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Every business needs compelling marketing strategies to thrive in our current competitive market. Effective content is by far the best tool to engage your audience and drive traffic.

Our Content Marketing Services provide targeted audience reach, customer retention, brand building, and website traffic. Not only do we have experienced story tellers, but our team of experts know how to factor in the right use of keywords and language to ensure you drive the most traffic back to your website.

Telling your story effectively is a critical component to a successful digital marketing campaign, and Socialistics is all about story telling.

Why content matters

  • $Research has shown that relevant content complementing the images and videos on your website serve as the best combination
  • $It increases user engagement and time on site
  • $Content Marketing is the cheapest yet effective source of marketing
  • $Content generation results in a greater and deeper connection with your audience

    Content Marketing Workflow

    • $Analysis and Research: Our first step is to understand your business so we can frame the most suitable strategy for it. Whether it’s an e-commerce business promoting products or a B2B business in need of driving leads, we formulate the best marketing strategy designed to produce results.
    • $Content Creation: Our streamlined process ensures that you receive the right mix of social media, blogs, articles and any other pieces of content to help align with your business goals and objectives.
    • $Circulation of Content: We ensure the content we create is distributed effectively and ensures the maximum reach.
    • $Monitoring Stage: Our experts study the latest content marketing services trends to come up with a detailed analysis of and ensure we are up to speed on what works and doesn’t for your business.

    Frequently asked questions

    How can I measure the performance of your Content Marketing Services?

    At the end of the day it’s about increasing website traffic, so we’ll work with you to show you how our work is impacting your web traffic.

    Whom should I get in touch if I need to provide content suggestions?

    You will be assigned an account manager who will work directly with you on all of your content marketing needs and can assist as needed.

    What will be included in the monthly reports?

    The volume of work we do as well as web traffic and social media statistics.