Hiring Socialistics vs.
An Employee

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Below is a breakdown of the cost savings associated with having an agency manage your social media vs. bringing in a full-time employee.

Estimates are based on hiring a full-time social media manager at $61k/year and overall average rates for taxes, premiums, benefits and operational costs typically covered by most companies to provide employees with the tools and resources to do their job. Socialistics monthly retainers vary based on volume and type of work, but typically average what is listed below.

Salary/Retainer $3,000/month $4,500/month
Social Security Tax $0 $279.00/month
Medicare Tax $0 $65.25/month
Federal & State Unemployment Tax $0 $41.40/month
State Unemployment Tax $0 $18.00/month
Workers Compensation Insurance $0 $83.25/month
Insurance Premiums $0 $250.00/month
Premiums 401k Contributions (3% match) $0 $135.00/month
Space & Equipment ($2000 over 12 months) $0 $175.00/month
Software & Subscriptions $0 $450.00/month
Recruiting Expenses ($500 over 12 months) $0 $40.00/month
Paid Vacation (2 weeks over 12 months) $0 $173.08/month

Need MORE convincing?

MORE Expertise

Why settle for what one person can bring when you can have a team at your disposal? Social media managers, analysts, strategists, designers…are all working for you when you work with Socialistics.

MORE Bandwidth

There’s only so much one person can accomplish in a day or week. With Socialistics, no matter how much you need to have done, we can take whatever you throw at us.

MORE Tools & Resources

Paying for an employee doesn’t end with the employee. You’ll need to factor in computers, accessories, social media platforms, analytics software, etc. With us you can eliminate all of that overhead.

MORE Flexibility

Hiring a social media agency like Socialistics gives the ultimate flexibility and peace of mind. We offer month to month contracts so you can test the waters and make sure we’re a great fit. No long term commitments necessary.