The social media algorithm consistently changes across all platforms. Just when you think you’ve got the hang of one app, it changes and sends you back to square one! Keeping up with and navigating the latest social media algorithm changes can take time and effort. Don’t throw in the towel, though!

This guide will help you understand some of the most recent ones and use that knowledge to enhance your social media strategy.

How Do Social Media Algorithms Work?

One of the most important steps you can take to deal with the latest social media algorithm changes is to understand how these algorithms work.

Social media apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok use algorithms to sort content in your feed based on how relevant it is to you. In other words, if the app thinks you’ll like something, it puts that content in front of you.

Algorithms constantly evolve to try and provide the best user experience possible. They change based on how people use social media, the content they engage with the most, the content they scroll past, etc.

How to Navigate Social Media Algorithm Changes

It’s easy to get frustrated with algorithms when you use social media in marketing, especially since they change so frequently. However, you can only rage against the algorithm machine for so long.

They’re not going anywhere. In fact, they’re only getting more sophisticated.

Your time is better spent learning how to work with them to get your content in front of your target audience and see better results from your social media advertising efforts.

Monitor Account Analytics

Many business owners are unaware of how much valuable data they have at their fingertips. Your social media account analytics can tell you a lot about your audience, their interests, and the type of content they like the most.

Pay attention to account and post analytics. Look for high-performing posts and trends to understand what works best for your audience. All this information can help you keep up with algorithm changes and continue giving your followers what they want.

Be Authentic

People are more social media savvy than they once were. They can tell when a brand is authentic and genuinely shares its values and when that brand is just trying to capitalize on a current trend.

A lack of authenticity can damage your brand and hurt your social media performance. It’s more important to stick to your business’s values and mission than to try and mimic another company.

Being authentic will help you attract the right people and get engagement from those who are likely to actually buy what you’re selling.

Ask Questions and Encourage Engagement

Speaking of engagement, make sure you’re encouraging it in your posts’ captions.

For example, you could end the caption with a question people can answer in the comment section. You could also add a link to invite them to visit your website or read your latest blog post.

Remember that engagement is crucial to a successful social media marketing plan. If people aren’t liking, commenting on, and sharing your posts, you may get penalized by the algorithm, meaning your content gets shown to fewer people.

Post at the Right Time

When you post can be just as important as what you post. If you share content when your target audience is less likely to be online, you won’t get as much engagement as you’d like.

Monitoring your social media analytics can help you understand the best times to post for your specific audience. For example, if you find that you get more likes and comments when you post in the early evening instead of the middle of the day, it might be better to schedule your posts later.

Choose the Right Posting Frequency

The more frequently you post, the more likely you are to appear on members of your target audience’s feeds.

However, you don’t necessarily need to post daily or several times per day to be favored by the algorithm — quality matters.

Make sure you’re not posting for the sake of posting. If you have nothing to say, you’re not going to get good engagement on your content.

Keep in mind, too, that you can cross-post content on multiple platforms. Share a post on Facebook and Twitter or repurpose an Instagram reel for TikTok.

Prioritize Video Content

Remember that video content is king right now, regardless of the platform you’re creating content for.

From live videos on Facebook and Instagram to short-from video content on TikTok and Pinterest, just about every app offers some kind of video feature these days.

If you want to stand out and get more eyes on your posts, incorporate video into your social media marketing strategy.

Share product videos, explainer videos, or meet-the-team videos — the options are practically endless. Don’t forget to monitor analytics to see which types of videos resonate the most with your audience!

Be Willing to Experiment

You can learn a lot by watching your post and account analytics and looking for trends. At the same, though, you must also be willing to experiment and share new types of content. 

If you notice your competitors (or simply accounts that you like following) doing something different on a specific platform, consider giving it a try, even if it seems out of your comfort zone. You might be surprised at how your audience responds.

Work with a Social Media Agency

If you don’t have time to experiment or simply don’t know where to start, look for a social media company or an agency that offers digital marketing services.

A team of professionals can help you audit your existing social media presence and identify ways to improve and navigate various platforms’ algorithms. They can also assist with content creation to save you time and free you up to handle other aspects of your business.

When choosing a social media marketing firm or digital advertising firm, take note of the types of brands they usually assist. Ideally, they’ll have experience helping companies like yours.

Check out the social marketing company’s portfolio, too, to see if you like their work.

Improve Your Social Media Advertising Efforts with Socialistics

Don’t let the latest social media algorithm changes get you down!

Keep the information discussed above on how these algorithms work and how you can navigate them to improve your digital media marketing efforts and produce better results.

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